Münster "crime scene": In the world of influencers

Münster "crime scene"
In the world of influencers

Jan Josef Liefers (left) and Axel Prahl celebrated 20 years of Münster in August"crime scene".

Jan Josef Liefers (left) and Axel Prahl celebrated 20 years of Münster "crime scene" in August.

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The shooting of the 43rd case of Boerne and Thiel has started in Münster. Jan Josef Liefers and Axel Prahl determine among influencers.

Next assignment for Boerne and Thiel in the anniversary year of "Tatort". Muenster. For Jan Josef Liefers (58) and Axel Prahl (62) the shooting of the new case "MagicMom" has started. It is already the 43rd film for the actors. On October 20, 2002, the most popular "Tatort" investigators began their TV service.

"MagicMom": That's what the new "Münster" crime scene is all about

In "MagicMom" inspector Thiel and coroner Boerne are among the influencers. Evita Vogt (Laura Louisa Garde, 35) is found hanged. Did the "Momfluencerin", who earned millions of clicks with her videos about her life as a mother, kill herself? Investigators find out that the YouTuber not only had fans, but also numerous haters. Among other things, the feuding influencer Sabine Hertweck aka "BusyBine" and Evita's neighbor Thekla Cooper are suspicious.

Record for the people of Münster in the anniversary year - new case already closed

In the anniversary year, two films by ARD's ratings drivers were already shown. With 41 percent, the film "The Devil's Long Breath" took the highest market share of a "crime scene" since 1992.

Case number 42 has already been turned off. "A friend, a good friend" is scheduled to run on November 13 in the first. There is no start date for "MagicMom" yet. The shooting in Münster, Cologne and the surrounding area is scheduled to be completed on October 7, 2022.


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