Munich police officers sentenced to suspended sentences

Munich: The two defendants (left and right) in the courtroom
Image: dpa

After the drug scandal at the Munich police headquarters, two officers were given suspended sentences. The judge said she “gave into abysses I never thought possible.”

IIn a trial about the drug scandal at the Munich police headquarters, two suspended officers have been given suspended sentences. That District Court of Munich imposed one year and eight months in prison on Tuesday for the two men – among other things, for persecuting innocent people. One of them was also convicted of passing on and possession of narcotics.

She “looked into abysses that I would not have thought possible,” said the judge in her verdict. The chats between the accused and other police colleagues were “inhuman and disgusting”.

The court found it proven that the two men fabricated a man’s attack on them and even gave false testimony in court, where he was put on trial for lying by the police officers. Both men had denied the accusation of persecuting innocent people.

The drug scandal at the Munich police headquarters became public in 2020 after a major raid. At the heart of the story about police officers taking coke is a drug dealer who got the investigation rolling after he revealed his uniformed customers as a key witness and reported on police discounts on cocaine. For years, the so-called “Soko Nightlife” had investigated the matter.

Prosecutors conducted investigations against 37 police officers and filed eight charges. 15 preliminary investigations were stopped, three more against a payment of money. A penal order was requested in twelve cases, and charges were brought in eight cases – as is the case in the current trial.

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