Munich concert hall: Söder in the quicksand of practical constraints – a comment – culture

If Markus Söder intends to moderate the construction of the concert hall with the announced “pause for thought”, he is making a mistake: a cultural center would be good for Munich – renewed hesitation and procrastination is not.

“It’s about a pause to think,” said Markus Soder. He did this in an SZ interview that appeared on Saturday under the heading “Söder is moving away from the new concert hall in the Werksviertel”.. He also said that there was “no preliminary decision” yet. But the sound makes the music here too: Söder’s skepticism about the possible costs – he expects around one billion – is very large. It is clear that he thinks the costs are too high, especially since after two years of Corona and the as yet unquantifiable economic effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine, everything is different than before – including the state of the state budget.

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