Much more than a “flower show”

Much more than a “flower show”

IA large experiment is underway in the eastern Wetterau and adjacent parts of the Vogelsberg. Imperceptibly, it picks up speed. In a good four years the State Horticultural Show be opened in Upper Hesse. One thing is clear: there has never been anything like it in Hesse. Hessen has now seen seven of these shows. In Gießen and Bad Nauheim, for example, this year Fulda invites you to visit. All previous state garden shows have one thing in common – they each took place in one city. But in 2027 there will be eleven hosts. Can this go well?

Thorsten Winter

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for central Hesse and the Wetterau.

The question arises in view of the many participants. Eleven heads of town hall and mayors have to walk in the same direction and the municipal representatives and city councilors have to follow them. As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. In addition, the region is quite far away from the busy Autobahns 5 and 45. And experience has shown that many visitors still like to travel by car.

A traffic concept is being worked on eagerly

That’s why the Wetterau Economic Development Agency is already thinking a lot about a traffic and mobility concept, including self-driving minibuses. It is not yet ready for a decision, there is still a lack of money – but the ideas already go beyond 2027. Because the State Horticultural Show is intended to give the region between Schotten in the north-east and Büdingen, Limeshain in the south and Echzell in the west a boost. It should change them permanently in two senses. This will be exciting in an area where there are 750 cars per 1000 inhabitants and not 500 as in the western part of the Wetterau. Some families even have four cars, as economic geographers have determined. In view of climate change, this does not seem sustainable, but it is due to the expandable infrastructure.

The supporting company already exists: Landesgartenschau Oberhessen 2027 gGmbH, it’s called and the “g” stands for non-profit. Managing Director Florian Herrmann has been the solo dancer for weeks, now Thomas Hellingrath is supporting the economic geographer. The man from North Rhine-Westphalia is the horticultural managing director and has relevant experience as a landscape architect. In 2014 he designed the state garden show in Zülpich near Euskirchen and last year that in Bad Gandersheim in Lower Saxony. Before he was hired, critical minds had already commented that Upper Hesse was late and might not get a landscape architect anymore. You are now refuted

These ancient sights show what was done in the past for recreation and health.

These ancient sights show what was done in the past for recreation and health.

Image: Michael Braunschädel

In general, Herrmann is convinced: “We had a really good start.” But he quickly adds that there is still a lot to do. It all starts with a formality. The exact opening date has not yet been determined. The company is aiming for April – “something has to be green and blooming”. Fulda does not start by accident on April 27th. Bad Nauheim, Bad Schwalbach and Gießen also chose one of the last days of April. The people of Upper Hesse are in good company there. They will also offer a performance show all about green, a gardening trade fair. That includes cemetery gardening as mandated by the state, Herrmann explains.

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