Most limit themselves when shopping

Price comparison in front of the supermarket shelf

More and more people in Germany are turning to cheaper products.

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Berlin Often times the cheaper product or a little less: According to a survey, many people limit themselves when shopping. According to the trade association, 60 percent made increased use of special offers Germany on Thursday with Almost every second person opts for the cheaper private labels or does without certain products.

“Customers are very cautious in view of the great uncertainties surrounding energy and prices,” said the association’s general manager, Stefan Genth. According to the survey, one in three assumes that they will have to cut back significantly in the coming months. 44 percent assume that they will have to tighten their belts at least a little.

Savings should therefore be made primarily on restaurant and pub visits as well as on fashion and clothing. Many also want to pay more attention to money when it comes to excursions and holidays, as well as furniture and furnishings. Some cinema, concert or theater visits could be cancelled.

The trade association called for state aid. “The poor consumer mood is a major challenge for retail companies,” said Genth. Many companies are overwhelmed by rising energy costs. “Whoever forgets the industry ignores its importance as an employer and core element of inner cities.”

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