Moscow speaks of escalation: explosions in Crimea

Was exactly on Friday night the Crimea what happened cannot be said from the outside. The only thing that is certain is that several explosions could be heard at two locations on the occupied Ukrainian peninsula that are strategically important for Russia – at the Belbek military airport near Sevastopol and near Kerch, where the bridge from the Russian mainland to Crimea meets.

According to official Russian information, Russian air defenses were in action in both cases. A drone was shot down near Belbek. The Ukrainian leadership is keeping a low profile. “You understand, we have nothing to do with this,” tweeted Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The American think tank Institute for the Study of War sees a whole range of possible explanations for the incidents: improper handling of military material by Russian soldiers, Ukrainian espionage, attacks by Ukrainians, successful Russian air defenses – or nervousness on the part of the Russian troops who died after the explosions in the Saki military airport last week and in the Dschankoy ammunition depot this week now react at the first suspicion of danger.

There has been official talk of sabotage since Wednesday

Until the beginning of August, Russian propaganda presented the Crimea as an unassailable bastion. Despite the war in the Ukraine, thousands of vacationers flocked from all over the country, as in previous summers Russia to the peninsula. The first hint of Ukrainian activities in Crimea came at the end of July, when the celebrations of Russian Navy Day in Sevastopol were canceled after a drone crashed over the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet.

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