Morgan Freeman in Qatar and the double standards of cinema stars – culture


Susan Vahabzadeh

When Morgan Freeman appeared as God in the movie “Bruce Almighty” in a snow-white suit almost twenty years ago, he experienced a kind of canonization. None other than the man with the matchless voice would have gotten away with the role, perhaps because he chose his roles, from The Condemned to Nelson Mandela in Invictus, like everyone else Movie an expression of morality, decency, conscience. Cut. Sunday, World Cup opening ceremony, Qatar: Morgan Freeman can be seen in a bizarre role – the Oscar-winning actor, 85 years old, says in a booming “Bruce Almighty” voice as if from heaven, what is happening at this moment is “like that much larger than what divides us” and “the earth is a big tent”. Freeman, who once said he might actually be God “because we just made God up anyway,” is suddenly Qatar’s great acquittal.

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