More than 160 firefighters on duty

The fire brigade extinguishes a fire in a waste recycling plant in Trier on Thursday night.
Image: dpa

In the night of Thursday there was a large fire in the Trierer Hafen industrial area. Residents in neighboring neighborhoods have been asked to keep windows and doors closed. The causes of the fire are still unclear.

IIn the Trierer Hafen industrial area, more than 160 firefighters responded to two major fires on Thursday night. For reasons that have not yet been clarified, two waste recycling plants caught fire, according to a city spokesman trier said. First, employees of one of the companies noticed a fire and sounded the alarm.

Because of the heavy smoke, people in the districts of Ehrang, Pfalzel, Biewer and in Schweich (Trier-Saarburg district) were asked to keep windows and doors closed. The extinguishing work was completed early Thursday morning. The “Südwestrundfunk” reported about it first.

According to the spokesman, the second fire broke out in the industrial area just one hour after the end of the operation. It probably broke out in a control room of a metal shredder plant. The fire spread from there to the entire machine. The cause was also still unclear. Nobody was injured in the two fires. There was no information on the extent of the damage in the morning.

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