Moon mission: “Artemis 1” reaches furthest distance from Earth

moon mission
“Artemis 1” reaches furthest distance from Earth

In this NASA image, the earth and the moon are from the "Orion"-Capsule from see.  Photo: Uncredited/NASA/AP/dpa

This NASA image shows the Earth and the moon from the Orion capsule. photo

© Uncredited/NASA/AP/dpa

432,194 kilometers – a spaceship made for humans has never been further away from Earth. NASA boss Bill Nelson describes the mission as an “extraordinary success”.

About two weeks after the start of the moon mission “Artemis 1”, the unmanned “Orion” capsule has reached its furthest distance from Earth. The capsule was around 432,194 kilometers from Earth in its orbit around the moon on Monday, the US space agency Nasa said at a press conference. There has not yet been a further distance from Earth in the previous two weeks of the test mission – and that is not planned for the remaining two weeks either.

NASA boss Bill Nelson spoke of the mission’s “extraordinary success” so far. “It’s incredible how smoothly the mission has gone so far.” Already on Saturday the “Orion“-capsule set a distance record when it passed the mark of 249,000 miles (about 400,000 kilometers) from Earth. According to NASA, this was the farthest distance ever for a human-made spacecraft. The previous record was set more than 50 years ago years ago set up the “Apollo 13” mission with 248,655 miles.

The “Artemis 1” mission set off for a first test launch on November 16 (local time) after months of postponements. The “Orion” capsule was launched with the “Space Launch System” rocket from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome in the US state of Florida. The mission was halfway on Monday, and the capsule is scheduled to enter orbit on Thursday moon left and landed in the Pacific on December 11 after flying around two million kilometers.

With the “Artemis” program, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, US astronauts are to land on the moon again in the coming years, including for the first time a woman and a non-white person.


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