Modeling was her job, not her life

SShe seemed as if she had just happened to drop by and actually had nothing to do with the whole circus. As if she had just sat on the horse, then had a quick shower, put on a white shirt and simply stood there with Naomi, Christy, Cindy and Linda, the Peter Lindbergh just photographed for Vogue. Then she would have gone home again, to the dogs and horses, back to nature.

Nothing about Tatjana Patitz seemed artificial. We met once, that was in 2010, in the Hamburg hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” in her hometown. First came the shoot, she put on different clothes, and that was exactly the order of precedence: she wore the clothes and not the other way around. There she was in her mid-forties and an appearance, tall, lightly tanned, sun-streaked hair, subtle make-up. A slimness that has more to do with exercise and genes than with a strict diet. We talked about fashion and being old supermodelshe ate an omelet without yolk and politely bored with the conversation.

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