Mobile communications - hologram telephone calls planned - economy

Europe's major mobile network operators want to make hologram phone calls compatible with the masses. Vodafone, Telefónica (O₂), Deutsche Telekom and Orange announced a project in which a platform for the transmission of three-dimensional real-time images is to be developed. Financial key data were not mentioned. The project provides for hologram data to be transmitted across networks in the future. Through virtual reality glasses, the called party sees the three-dimensional upper body of the caller looking into his selfie camera. Thanks to the camera, the 3D hologram can be created.

The telecommunications industry has been working on hologram connections for a long time, which are technically possible but very complex. The 5G mobile communications standard has now become an important building block for progress in this area. In 2018, Vodafone demonstrated a hologram video call in a moving minibus in Aldenhoven (NRW). The project at that time was based on a different technology than the current project and was only moderately convincing visually. With the alliance that has now taken place in the industry, the technology is to be taken to a new level and made into an everyday product. According to the information, the platform could be available for end customers in about two years.

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