Minister Aminata Touré of the Greens on a Vogue cover

Mith Aminata Touré from the Greens, the first incumbent politician has made it onto the cover of the German edition of the magazine “Vogue”. Schleswig-Holstein Minister for Social Affairs was photographed for the cover of the December issue. “I found it exciting because it appeals to a completely different group of readers and it is my aim to reach people who not only deal with politics but also with other things – and then come across a political topic,” said Die Thirty-year-old the “Kieler Nachrichten”.

In the portrait of “Vogue” (12/2022) she is quoted as saying: “The knowledge of how politics works often paves the way into politics. In practice, this unfortunately means that in the end it is often the same type of person who makes politics. That in turn is one of the most important reasons why people say: They’re on their own anyway, that’s not for me, I don’t want to do politics.” She thinks it’s important “to create transparency in politics”. “You don’t have to like every decision, but I think if you understand how decisions are made and what the motivation behind them is, then you have more confidence in this democratic system.”

In the “Kieler Nachrichten”, the minister emphasized that you were given the clothes for the interview with “Vogue” – “and by the way, you are not allowed to keep them”. As for fashion, she likes “colorful things. I don’t know anything about brands, I don’t look too closely at them.”

Touré was born in Neumünster in 1992 as the daughter of refugees from Mali. She lived with her three sisters and parents for a long time in fear of being deported. Only when she was twelve did the chain toleration end and she received German citizenship. Touré has been Minister for Social Affairs, Youth, Family, Senior Citizens, Integration and Equality in Schleswig-Holstein in the black-green cabinet under Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) since the end of June. She is the first Afro-German in such an office.

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