Migration: With the opportunity card to a job in Germany – Politics

In the fight against the shortage of skilled workers, the federal government wants to attract more foreign workers to Germany and in autumn a modern immigration law submit. This led Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil in the picture on sunday from: “We are introducing an ‘opportunity map’ with a transparent points system so that people who our country needs can come to us more easily.” Because looking for a job in Germany is often too difficult from abroad.

The traffic light parties had agreed to introduce such an opportunity card in the coalition agreement. Germany needs more labor immigration, it says there. The card is intended to give job seekers controlled access to the German labor market on the basis of a points system. In addition should the Western Balkans regulation be made indefinitethrough which unskilled people from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia can also enter if they can prove that they have a job in this country.

Heil now explained exactly how the opportunity card could work: “Every year, according to our needs, we set a quota for how many people can come to Germany with the ‘opportunity card’ to get a job or a job here for a certain period of time to look for an education. During this time they must be able to secure their own livelihood.” Anyone who can show a qualification recognized by Germany, regardless of whether it is an apprenticeship or a degree, immediately fulfills the condition for the opportunity card.

Four criteria: degree, professional experience, age, language skills

“But we also want to give people who have other strengths and who we need on the job market a chance to come to Germany,” said the minister. A points system with four criteria is planned for this: foreign qualification, at least three years of professional experience, age under 35 and language skills or a previous stay in Germany. Anyone who meets three of these criteria should receive the card. The exact design still has to be agreed in the government.

The federal government also wants to find more skilled workers among the people living in Germany, for example by bringing more women into work. At 72.1 percent, the proportion of women in employment is still around seven percentage points below that of men, said the Labor Minister. “If we could halve that gap, we would have gained 900,000 workers.”

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