Midterms 2022: Republicans narrowly win in the House of Representatives – Politics

There was no “red wave” and the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats, but the Republicans are now triumphant in the House of Representatives. Whether they can replace Nancy Pelosi as spokeswoman is still open.

The Republicans won the majority in the US House of Representatives in the congressional elections. This is reported by the opinion research institute Edison Research and the news channel CNN. When counting the results of the Midterms, which took place more than a week ago, the Republicans currently have at least 218 of the 435 seats, the Democrats have 210 seats so far. The Republican victory in California’s 27th congressional district put the party across the finish line for a majority. The counting of votes is still ongoing in some states.

The result is significantly tighter than surveys predicted before the midterms. Many experts predicted a “red wave”, a clear victory for Republicans in both chambers. The narrow lead makes it for the previous Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, more difficult to achieve wins in voting. For initiatives, he needs the voices of both moderate Republicans and right-wing Trump supporters.

McCarthy was confirmed as the Republican leader in the chamber this week. He only got 188 votes, while 31 Republicans voted for right-wing challenger Andy Biggs.

It could be difficult for McCarthy to chair the entire Chamber. About the Democrat Nancy Pelosi in January on the speakers– McCarthy needs a majority of the entire House of Representatives to step down posts, so he can hardly afford dissenters from his party even if the Republicans win more seats.

Whoever holds the presidency of the House of Representatives is number three in the US political hierarchy after the President and Vice President.

It has been clear since Saturday evening that President Joe Biden’s Democrats retain control of the Senate. They have at least 50 out of 100 seats. In the event of a tie, Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris has the casting vote. The runoff election for the last open Senate seat in Georgia on December 6th is no longer decisive for determining the majority.

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