Michael Jordan: He made that condition to Ben Affleck

Michael Jordan: He made that condition to Ben Affleck

Michael Jordan
He made this condition of Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck (right) tried hard for his new film "air" to fulfill an explicit wish of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Ben Affleck (right) tried to fulfill an explicit request from NBA legend Michael Jordan for his new film “Air”.

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Ben Affleck has revealed the special condition NBA legend Michael Jordan gave him for his new film Air.

The amusing sports film “Air – The Big Throw” will be released in German cinemas on April 6th. That from Ben Affleck (50) directed work starring Matt Damon (52) tells the true story of the legendary Air Jordan sneaker. Superstar Damon plays the real Nike employee Sonny Vaccaro (83), who had the idea in 1984 to produce a sports shoe for the then relatively unknown NBA rookie Michael Jordan (60) – an idea that made the small Nike company one global corporation made.

As director Affleck revealed in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe real Jordan gave him a special condition for his film “Air”.

Michael Jordan: “Viola Davis, this is my mother”

In the in-depth interview, Affleck describes how, before filming began on “Air,” he shot the six-time NBA-Champion asked which actress should play his mother Deloris Jordan (81) in the film. Affleck reveals that as soon as he asked the question, he was like, “Oh damn.” Because he feared that if he didn’t succeed in signing Jordan’s desired actress for “Air”, the basketball legend might think that Affleck had ignored his explicit wish.

As the director of “Air” goes on to say, Jordan gave him a very determined look and in response to his question said: “Viola Davis, this is mine MotherAt this point, however, the character Deloris didn’t have a particularly prominent role in the Air script, and only had one line of dialogue. Although it’s “difficult” to “get actors to play a role,” Affleck said, given Jordan’s explicit Wunsch simply answered: “OK, Mike”, and then tried to cast Oscar winner Davis.

Affleck also revealed to the industry magazine how Affleck finally managed to sign the busy actress: “By begging,” adding, “I’m sure it worked because I said, ‘Michael Jordan wants you to play his mother’, and not because I said, ‘Ben Affleck wants you for his movie'”.


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