Mermaid waves with wave irons: this is how the beauty trend works

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Beach waves in minutes: These wave irons are worth it

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With a wave iron great hairstyles succeed - and you don't need skilled hands for it

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Hairstyles like those from the hairdresser are often only possible at home with a lot of effort and time. With a wave iron, however, you can conjure up mermaid or beach waves pretty quickly. We have tips and worthwhile models.

They look natural, provide momentum and a feminine, but also a little messy look: beach waves are among the trendiest hair styles. The Mermaid Waves are a bit neater. But how can you conjure up these waves at home? With the flat iron? Does it require a special technique or experience? It's much easier: with a wave iron. The styling tool works very simply and ensures great hairstyles even without experience.

What can a wave iron do?

The beauty styling tool looks a little like a crepe iron. But it is more innovative and, above all, gentle on the hair. Most of the rods have a titanium ceramic coating, which gives the hair additional shine and suppleness. A wave iron can usually be set in three stages between 160 and 200 degrees - depending on the hair structure. The even waves in the hair are created by the shape of the wave iron: What you otherwise have to do with the straightening iron by hand and with a little practiced technique, the device does itself because it already "presses" the strands of hair into shape. This makes it super practical and easy to use - even for beginners when it comes to hair styling.

Hair wave iron: how does it work?

The wave iron is very easy to use and basically self-explanatory: You put a strand of your hair in the wave iron and press the rods together. After a few seconds, release the plates. Then start a little further down the next time. This is how you quickly and easily conjure up waves in your hair. So that they last really long and the hair is not damaged, you should first use a heat protection spray use and let the waves cool down after styling. Then the hairstyle with hairspray fix. This way, the hairstyle will hold up the next day without any problems.

These wave irons are worth it

There are now various models that provide beach or mermaid waves. Such as these models:

1. BaByliss wave iron "C260E"

That BaByliss wave iron "C260E" can make waves with three different temperature levels. It has a titanium ceramic coating and is suitable for all hair types. The manufacturer's other models are also worthwhile.

2. Udo Walz wave iron GT20 100

That Wave iron GT20 100 by Udo Walz also has a ceramic coating and three temperature settings. It also comes with a cable with a swivel joint for particularly easy handling.

3. Rowenta Wave Iron "CF4710 Waves Addict"

With the Rowenta Wave Iron "CF4710 Waves Addict" succeed in different wavy hairstyles with just one device. It has six different temperature levels and heats up quickly. It is ceramic coated and has a thermal protection case for safe handling.

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