MEPs call for a clear edge by the EU Commission against Hungary

European flags in front of the Berlaymont building

Hungary and the EU Commission have long been at odds. Parliamentarians are now demanding that the Commission should withhold funds.

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Brussels MEPs across factions are calling for the EU Commissionto closely examine Hungarian anti-corruption measures in the country. The Commission should withhold 7.5 billion euros in EU funds until the measures promised by Hungary are implemented, said Finn Petri Sarvamaa of the Christian Democrat EPP Group on Thursday.

In mid-September, the EU Commission proposed freezing payments of around 7.5 billion euros, partly because of widespread corruption in Hungary. Hungary then made comprehensive promises of reform.

“If the EU Commission now releases EU funds to Viktor Orban, Ursula von der Leyen will be personally responsible for Hungary being irretrievably turned into a corruption swamp,” he said FDP-Politician Moritz Körner with a look at the head of the commission and the Hungarian prime minister.

Spanish Social Democrat Eider Gardiazabal Rubial stressed that they had looked at the 17 corrective measures proposed by Hungary and concluded that only two of them could solve problems. In addition, only three measures have been implemented at this point in time. Green MP Daniel Freund described it as catastrophic that none of the measures made the Hungarian public prosecutor’s office or judges more independent.

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According to information from members of the European Parliament, the EU Commission will probably publish an assessment of the measures promised by Hungary on Tuesday. The Commission itself did not want to give any information on Thursday about a possible date.

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