Member of the Remmo clan breaks away

Member of the Remmo clan breaks away

Ein convicted criminals from the Remmo clan apparently left Berlin for Turkey, although he would still have to serve a prison sentence of several years.

Prosecutors confirmed over the weekend that 31-year-old Muhamed Remo has been released from custody. “Spiegel TV” had previously reported that he then after Istanbul had flown.

Despite the different spelling of his surname, Remo is a nephew of clan chief Issa Remmo. He and three accomplices, who are still unknown to this day, met on February 21, 2021 in Berlin disguised as garbage men, masked and attacked a money transporter with alarm guns. They stole 648,500 euros, a fifth man drove the getaway car. Remo was convicted of his cocaine addiction – his runny nose had left its mark.

In September 2021, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for aggravated robbery and dangerous bodily harm. A severe, pathological mental disorder due to drug addiction was also determined. Because of this, Remo was entitled to up to two years of rehab in a prison hospital. In such a hospital there was no place for him until the end. His lawyer finally filed an application for “immediate transfer”, but the Execution Chamber ordered Remo’s release on February 3 instead. The temporary detention until withdrawal had already lasted an excessively long time. Apparently the police were not informed.

The problem has actually been known for a long time. It was only in November that the presidency of the Berlin regional court reported in a letter, according to the “Tagesspiegel”, that the chambers for the execution of sentences saw the concrete danger that “the abuses described” could lead to the legal assessment that “adequate treatment of detainees is not guaranteed” in the penitentiary system. . This could “result in the release of inmates who are dangerous to the general public”. The health administration led by the Greens, which is responsible for the hospital of the forensic prison, then declared that all possibilities to redistribute the inmates within the overcrowded hospital were “exhausted without alternative”. The necessary 46 million euros in the state budget were missing to expand another building.

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