Melanie Müller apparently shows the Hitler salute when she appears

Clear video recordings
Eight times the Hitler salute: Melanie Müller chants “East Germany” and raises her right arm

Melanie Mueller

Melanie Müller is a Ballermann singer

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Ballermann singer Melanie Müller was just trying to distance herself from right-wing ideas when a video appeared showing her on stage with a Hitler salute.

There are clear video recordings that the “Bild” newspaper has published and that probably even the most passionate Melaniemiller-Can’t sugarcoat fans. At a concert with the alleged right-wing group “Rowdys Eastside” on September 17, the former “Bachelor” candidate performed on stage.

Melanie Müller apparently shows the Hitler salute

In the 16-second clip that “Bild” shows, Müller can be seen raising his right arm several times Hitler salute while chanting “Ost, Ost, Ostdeutschland” with the crowd. The gesture can hardly be misunderstood, after all, Müller is holding the microphone in his left hand in order to have his right hand available. She shows the forbidden salute a total of eight times.

The concert at which the video recordings created, has already provided a topic of conversation in the past few days. In a 25-second video available on RTL, people in the crowd also showed the Hitler salute. Some shouted “Sieg Heil”.

apology nullified

On Tuesday, the singer made a detailed statement, claiming that she did not hear the calls at first. But then: “I noticed that radical right-wing and National Socialist ideas was shouted. I warned you not to do that. […] After two or three more songs I had to stop. I didn’t realize that half of Lok Leipzig were hooligans, otherwise we wouldn’t have accepted the gig.”

And she went on to explain why she couldn’t be racist at all. “We have very, very many foreigners in our circle of friends, my personal trainer is a black man, our au pair is from Colombia. We have a Ukrainian nanny, so I don’t have any radical right-wing ideas at all,” said Müller.

Just a day and a 16-second video later, she made her statement absurd.

source: “Bild” newspaper / RTL

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