Meghan Markle and the Knicks: documentary scene makes many Britons angry

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A scene that makes many Brits angry: Why Meghan is accused of kidding the Queen

Duchess Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II

Duchess Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II at a joint engagement in 2018

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As an American, Duchess Meghan found many of the rules and customs of the royal family strange. This is revealed by Prince Harry’s wife in the couple’s joint Netflix documentary. But one scene seems uncomfortable even for Prince Harry.

as meghan When Markle met Prince Harry in London, she knew little about the royal family. At least that’s what the American says today. She didn’t google him, but looked at his Instagram profile instead. And so the former “Suits” actress didn’t know what the customs in the palace were like either.

That even the closest family members before Queen Elizabeth II. Bowing or curtsy was one of the things that surprised Meghan.

“Harry & Meghan”: Meghan apparently kidding the curtsy

“How do you explain bowing to your grandmother? And that you have to curtsy? Especially to an American woman… that’s strange,” explains Prince Harry in the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan”. Meghan herself calls the situation in the documentary “surreal” and thought at first that Harry was joking.

Immediately afterwards, a scene follows in the documentary that arouses numerous emotions. Harry and Meghan are seated together on a sofa as the Duchess giggles, mimicking an exaggerated bow, and then says: “It was a pleasure meeting you, Your Majesty. How was that okay? It was so intense. I didn’t know what I did!” She may be making fun of herself, but to some viewers it seems as if the American is kidding the late Queen. Prince Harry also seems uncomfortable with his wife’s movement at the moment. At least he doesn’t join in her laughter.

“This is just bizarre. Nobody is forced to bow to the monarch. However, Meghan doesn’t seem to realize how big a deal it is to meet the Queen. She was the most important female figurehead of our time, maybe even of all time .A little humility?” wrote Royal expert Charlie Proctor Twitter.

Criticism and encouragement at the same time

“Nobody curtseys with their hands spread like a wing, or with their head touching their toes. A curtsy is basically bending your knees in a formal greeting. Honestly, it’s a comedy show now. A sad state of affairs. The disrespect runs deep. Netflix must be proud,” criticized one user. And a former chef from the Royal Family also agreed. “I’ve known Harry since I held him as a baby while Princess Diana ate cereal in the kitchen at Windsor Castle. The look on his face as his wife laughed at the curtsey to the Queen says it all to me,” wrote he on the short message service.

But fans of the queen do not see the scene as kidding royal etiquette, but rather as self-mockery. “Everyone who acts like they’re outraged by Meghan’s curtsy when it was incredibly clear that she (…) was kidding herself because there’s literally nothing else to get upset about in the documentary , say it all,” wrote journalist Daniel Falconer.

The greatest excitement of the documentary you can here read.

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