Maximum 19 degrees in public buildings

Beconomy minister Robert Habeck has announced regulations to save energy. Among other things, public buildings should only be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees, Habeck made clear in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “We will issue regulations on the Energy Security Act,” said Habeck.

In addition, buildings and monuments should no longer be illuminated at night and advertising systems should not be illuminated, according to Habeck. “More savings are also needed in the world of work.” This is currently being discussed with the Ministry of Labor and the social partners. From when the regulations should apply was initially unclear.

In July, Habeck presented the cornerstones of a new energy security package against the background of severely curtailed Russian gas supplies. It said that it was important that gas consumption also decrease in companies, office buildings and private households. To this end, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is planning additional energy and efficiency measures on the basis of the Energy Security Act in close coordination with other departments of the Federal Government. For public facilities and office buildings, this should be regulated in the course of regulations. A period of six months is envisaged for this measure.

Germany must save 20 percent on gas

The EU gas emergency plan went into effect on Tuesday. From the beginning of August to March next year, the member countries have to save 15 percent on gas – compared to the average of the past five years of this period. How the 27 EU countries lower their demand is up to them.

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