Max Kruse countered by Niko Kovac at VfL Wolfsburg

Bon first listening it sounded very cool and emotionless. The manner in which Niko Kovac announced the resignation of Max Kruse proclaimed, almost eliciting a little pity. "Max won't make a game for us anymore," said the straightforward coach about the idiosyncratic player. What exactly no longer fits together will certainly be discussed in the next few days.

Kruse should still be welcome in everyday training at VfL Wolfsburg. As a professional in the Bundesliga team, he no longer plays a role. It doesn't take clairvoyant abilities to guess that the last big bang in the relationship triangle between club, coach and player is yet to come. In any case, on Sunday Kruse spoke up and took care of the next chapter.

The right term is debatable. Has the employee Kruse put himself on the sidelines? Or is it a nasty suspension? In any case, it was important for Kovac, who had come under pressure after several weeks without a win, to make a public statement. Announcing the elimination of Kruse during a live TV interview and in the press conference after the 1-0 win at Eintracht Frankfurt to manifest again, that should probably also be a signal of strength. Kovac attaches great importance to team spirit, discipline and fitness.

By his own admission, Kruse loves Nutella, shisha bars, poker, racing cars and as colorful a life as possible. What didn't work between people had also fallen on rather thin ice within the company. The slightly different image of Kruse, who presents himself in a variety of ways on the Internet, does not fit the values ​​of VfL Wolfsburg at all. Kruse's self-perception remains strange. On the Youtube channel "The Kruses"who entertainingly stages the 34-year-old and his wife, he presents himself as a footballer in his prime. The truth on the pitch was different recently.

Kruse ran after the ball, the expectations and his own claim. After five games without assists or own goals Kovac took a closer look at what Kruse can and likes to deliver. The most recent exchange of views between Kovac and Kruse, which VfL managing director Jörg Schmadtke had scheduled as a kind of mediation, only had a brief effect.

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