Martin Hinteregger distances himself from right-wing extremists

Martin Hinteregger distances himself from right-wing extremists

Ein football festival for fans and friends. This is exactly what the “Hinti-Cup” in Carinthia is supposed to be, planned for four days from June 16th to 19th. Location: Albeck Castle, pearl of the Gurktal, in Martin Hintereggers Austrian home village of Sirnitz. 277 people live there. Everyone knows everyone. And of course the Eintracht professional Hinteregger also knows Heinrich Sickl.

Hinteregger had business dealings with him until Thursday. Together with a restaurateur, the duo founded “Hinti Event GmbH” and planned the tournament where “we want to celebrate my two worlds, my two hearts in Sirnitz. We’re all spending a casual and unprecedented weekend dedicated to football, the best music and international solidarity,” Hinteregger writes on the Event home page.

Research from Austria

“Casual”, cool and exuberant? Hardly, because the anger is huge. Research by the Austrian journalist Michael Bonvalot have revealed: Hinteregger’s business partner Sickl is said to be a “very well-known face of the Austrian right-wing scene”. Accordingly, Sickl is said to have had connections to the extreme right milieu in his youth.

According to research, the former Graz FPÖ municipal councilor has shown himself to be a supporter of the new right-wing Identitarian movement in recent years. Sickl is also said to be chairman of the “Free Association of Academics” together with the right-wing extremist “Institute for State Policy”. Goetz Kubitscheka central figure of the New Right, have organized events.

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