Markus Söder wants to sue against state financial equalization

NAfter the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder gave his traditional keynote speech at the autumn meeting of the CSU parliamentary group in Kloster Banz on Wednesday, it is pretty clear what the audience interested in Bavaria can expect in the remaining year until the state elections: the old Söder and the old CSU . The chairman said his party had recently become "more central again". Thinking it through to the end, this means that in the first years of his tenure he felt it was too left-wing.

Söder's clear rejection of a black-green option in Bavaria in favor of continuing the government with the free voters fits in with this. This also includes the rapid descent of climate and environmental protection from his list of priorities.

Soder asked the federal government to connect more coal-fired power plants to the grid. In order to be able to build more apartments in Bavaria, he pleaded for "more flexibility in land use", which should probably mean: more freedom for further sealing.

Söder paints a positive picture of Bavaria

In agriculture, the set-aside of areas that Söder once operated for the purpose of species protection is “not a permanent solution”. The Bavarian Prime Minister also announced that "large hydroelectric power plants" should be built on the Salzach, a relatively natural river, "possibly" with the participation of the Free State.

Söder, who, according to CSU parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer, was unanimously proclaimed the top candidate for 2023 with "roaring applause", painted a very positive picture of the state of Bavaria. He praised his high-tech agenda and the transfer payments he introduced, such as family allowances.

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