Markus Braun’s defense attacks key witnesses

Markus Braun’s defense attacks key witnesses

IThe defense of the former CEO is attacking the Wirecard trial about what is believed to be the largest case of fraud in Germany since 1945 Markus Brown the key witnesses for the prosecution as a “professional liar”. “The story of Mr. Braun as a gang leader is a courtesy statement without any reference to reality,” said Braun’s lawyer Alfred Dierlamm on Thursday before the Munich district court.

“Lies for life, even after Wirecard,” the lawyer attacked manager Oliver Bellenhaus, who worked in Dubai until the collapse of the former Dax group in 2020. Braun’s lawyers applied for a ban on the use of Bellenhaus’ testimony.

Testified against Brown

The 49-year-old Bellenhaus is the only one of the three accused who admits the allegations of the Munich public prosecutor’s office, he has so far accused both Braun and the former Wirecard chief accountant. “An absurd story of lies that has nothing to do with reality,” said Dierlamm.

According to the indictment, Braun and his accomplices acted as a gang of fraudsters who cheated banks and lenders by more than three billion euros with the help of invented sales and profits. Braun himself is expected to comment on the indictment for the first time next Monday.

Dierlamm accused Bellenhaus of a “dirty trade” with the Munich public prosecutor’s office. There is no objective evidence against Braun, said co-defender Nico Werning – the verdict should not be based on his statements. The ex-chief accountant’s defense followed.

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