Manske resigns: Hertha continues to argue

Manske resigns: Hertha continues to argue

Sseven hours and thirty-one minutes, that’s how long the general meeting went by Hertha BSC. Many had even reckoned with an even longer stay in the exhibition halls. The reason was the chaotic season with the rescue at the last moment and all the internal quarrels that culminated in the resignations of President Werner Gegenbauer and CFO Ingo Schiller last week. The management confusion arose less than 24 hours after Hertha had managed to stay in the class by beating 2-0 in the relegation second leg at Hamburger SV.

So there it was again, the contentious Hertha, eaten up by internal turf wars, which a speaker called “the most embarrassing club in Germany”. It was a verbal slap that resonated well beyond the city limits, but it was by no means unexpected after all the bickering and arguments that have paralyzed the club.

representatives of the old era

The focus was on investor Lars Windhorst and the old presidium – Windhorst had regularly announced what he thought of the representatives. Namely nothing. He linked further investments to the departure of the President counter pawn, so his move came as little surprise. In addition, there were several motions to dismiss him. “It has always been an honor for me to be able to serve the club and its members,” said Gegenbauer at the end of his fourteen-year tenure.

His immediate successor didn’t stay in that position for long. After Gegenbauer’s resignation, Thorsten Manske took over the post on an interim basis, but the outraged members identified him as a representative of the old era and urged him to resign. Although a motion to be voted out against him brought only 64.2 percent of the votes (75 percent would have been necessary), the obvious distrust prompted Manske to resign immediately. A successor is now scheduled for June 26th new elections being found.

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