Man dies in accident with paternoster

Man dies in accident with paternoster

EA person was trapped in an accident in a paternoster in Berlin and died. As the Berlin police announced that the person wanted to take the elevator in a public building in the Schöneberg district near the Wittenbergplatz underground station on Thursday afternoon and had an accident.

The Fire department was on site with 32 emergency services, said a spokesman. With the help of the technical assistance service and the elevator company, the fire brigade freed the victim from the paternoster. An emergency doctor could only determine death, according to the spokesman for the fire brigade.

According to the police, there is no evidence of third-party negligence. Information about the victim and the course of the accident was not known. The investigation is ongoing. The building complex on Kleiststrasse includes an eye clinic and a center for physiotherapy and chiropractic.

A paternoster is an elevator with several cabins that are open at the front. Arriving at the top of the shaft, the cabins are set aside and continue in the opposite direction. There are still about 250 paternosters in Germany. Of these, 30 are in Berlin and two of them in the Schöneberg town hall.

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