Mama Almuth Schult with a comeback in the goal of the DFB women

Üoverwhelmed by their happiness shed Almuth Schult tears of emotion after her comeback in the DFB jersey. “I’m emotionally roiled because it’s been a very, very long time and a very long fight to get an international cap again. Many were not even aware that it was 1165 days, including me,” said the goalkeeper of the German soccer team after the 8-0 (3-0) win against Bulgaria at the end of the successful World Cup qualification.

Before the game in Plovdiv, the long-time goalkeeper was last between the posts of the German national team on June 29, 2019 in the 2-1 defeat in the quarter-finals of the World Cup against Sweden. Schult became pregnant soon after, and in April 2020, she became the mother of twins.

The return to the pitch was more difficult than she might have expected. Especially since there were some setbacks in the form of injuries. “As a young player you struggle to make your debut. At some point you fight for a different status. And at some point you’re a mom and you feel like you have to fight for everything again,” said Schult.

“It was a statement”

At the exciting European Championships in England a few weeks ago, she was only number two behind Merle Frohms and was not used. The experienced goalkeeper, who was in the DFB squad at the home World Cup in 2011, did not complain. The comeback after more than three years against Bulgaria was therefore also a sign of thanks and thanks from the national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburgwhich Schult values ​​very much.

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