Lyman’s liberation enrages Russia’s ‘angry patriots’

Dhe five Ukrainian border guards, dressed in full gear and armed with assault rifles, judge in one Video – in Russian – an appeal to the Russian people: “After seven months of war, you should have understood that we are not giving up a single meter of our land.” This is followed by the statement that “60,000 of your fellow citizens are already successfully fertilizing the Ukrainian black soil “ – an indication of the number of according to Kiev data in the Ukraine killed members of the invading army. The Russian men were left with only two options to avoid being sent home in a body bag: “Avoid mobilization or surrender.”

As much as the martial message spread by the state border protection authority on Sunday is an element of psychological warfare: the uncertainty is making itself felt Russia after the Ukrainian liberation of the strategically important city of Lyman even without such clips wide. Actually, the annexation of four Ukrainian territories on Friday was supposed to rally the Russian nation behind Vladimir Putin and the war of aggression, still called “special operations”. But already at the weekend, protagonists in public life indulged in finger pointing.

“Does the President know what happened?”

The blogger Anastasiya Kaschevarova, for example, who once advised the Duma chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, stood out. She took on Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Staff Valeriy Gerasimov via her Telegram channel. “Does the President know what happened? Who is reporting to him?” Kashevarova opened her tirades disguised as questions. Where are the promised tanks, stolen or sold? In a post on Sunday, she was also critical of the past week President Putin and his Secretary of Defense announced “partial mobilization.” The blogger asked where the reservists who were recruited before the “special operation” were and why fifty-year-olds who never served were being sent to the front instead.

This kind of resentment comes from a current that is by no means anti-imperial war. On the contrary, Kashevarova presented himself and the Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov as “angry patriots”. The two demanded the dismissal of Colonel-General Alexandr Lapin, who was responsible for this section of the front. The problems in Lyman were reported two weeks ago, Kadyrov explained on his Telegram channel. “A week later, Lapin moves his staff to Starobilsk, more than 100 kilometers from his subordinates, and slips away to Luhansk himself. How can you operationally command your units when you are 150 kilometers away.”

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