Lukashenko makes fun of Europe's energy concerns

In a video published on Belarusian state television, dictator Alexander Lukashenko appears amused by Europe's energy concerns.
Image: dpa

In a bizarre video, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko makes fun of current energy concerns. While chopping wood, he announces that "Europe will not be allowed to freeze to death."

Dhe Belarusian rulers Alexander Lukashenko poked fun at Europe's concerns about the energy crisis while chopping wood. "We will not let Europe freeze to death," says Lukashenko in the video, which was broadcast on state television on Wednesday. "We will help our brothers," adds Lukashenko. "Maybe one day they will help us too."

“Europeans cannot be picky at the moment. Fir or birch - the main thing is that they are warm," says Lukashenko, standing in front of a large pile of wood with an axe.

Lukashenko, who has been sanctioned by the West for suppressing the opposition, is an ally of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. Belarus is financially and politically heavily dependent on Russia. In February, Russia launched the military operation in Ukraine from several directions, including from Belarusian territory. Because Russia is increasing its gas supplies Europe has largely ceased in the meantime, an energy crisis is feared in winter.

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