Lufthansa wants to fly with less CO2

ÜAbout new fuel-efficient airplanes and the hopes for alternative fuels Lufthansa -CEO Carsten Spohr has already raved a lot. After all, the group has set itself the goal of mathematically reducing its CO2- Halve emissions. His board colleague Christina Foerster specified the plans on Monday.

“If targets for reducing CO2-Emissions, it often has to do with the fact that companies use various compensation measures. But we are concerned with real reductions in the aviation sector," said Foerster. She is responsible for brand management and recently received a lot of mail from customers who were upset about delays and cancellations - and she is responsible for the sustainability strategy of the group.

Now she sets a new target. “In the past, aviation was often about the CO2-Emission per capita decreases. However, overall emissions have increased due to industry growth,” she explains. Lufthansa, too, had long highlighted falling per capita pollution from new planes that use less fuel, while pre-pandemic passenger numbers were rising.

A fifth less emissions within eight years

"We are now aiming for an absolute reduction of 18 percent by 2030," said Foerster, specifying the group plan. This means: Nothing changes in the 50 percent reduction target, but a part of it that is now quantified should not only be achieved through payments for compensation projects. Climate neutrality should be achieved by 2050.

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