Lufthansa pilots receive 980 euros more per month

SEven as the Cockpit union last week for the second round of strikes in the collective bargaining dispute with the German Lufthansa called, it seemed clear that not all points of contention between the union and the company would be resolved in a timely manner. Both sides then at least found each other so far that it did not come to the – already announced – walkout of several days. Instead, negotiations started again, which have now led to a partial result.

The pilots of the Lufthansa core brand, who are subject to what is known as the group wage agreement, will receive surcharges in two steps: retroactive to August 1 and again to April 1, 2023, their basic monthly salary will increase by EUR 490 each – a total of EUR 980. Lufthansa is thus asserting its intention not to pay the same percentage surcharge for all captains and first officers, but to narrow the spread in salaries somewhat with the fixed amount.

“The increase in the basic salary with uniform base amounts leads to the desired disproportionate increase in starting salaries,” said Lufthansa Chief Human Resources Officer Michael Niggemann on Monday. However, the surcharge is larger than originally planned. Until last week, Lufthansa had offered a total of 900 euros.

Surcharge of up to 20 percent

the Union cockpit, which had demanded that the pilots at least get compensated for the general increase in prices. Now the union can announce to its members that at least the lower pay brackets in the cockpits – especially co-pilots with few years of service – will receive significantly more. Lufthansa calculates that the increase by the lump sum from April 2023 is equivalent to a surcharge of almost 20 percent on the previous basic remuneration.

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