Lufthansa is planning 20,000 new hires

Er wants that German Lufthansa is one of the five strongest aviation groups in the world, CEO Carsten Spohr left no doubt about that recently. And that requires more quality and more staff. The announcement of a product offensive, which is intended to make people forget the savings phases that customers have complained about during the pandemic, is now followed by large-scale employee recruitment.

Lufthansa plans to hire a total of 20,000 new employees. It was already known that 30,000 new seats would be installed in the aircraft over the next few years. “In order to be at the top of the industry, we need committed and motivated employees for a wide range of tasks and challenges,” said HR Director Michael Niggemann on Monday, very characteristically Spohrs. The group looks “full of ambitions into the future”.

Group currently has 108,000 employees

The job cuts that took place during the Corona crisis are now being revised to a large extent. Before the pandemic, the group had 138,000 employees. The number has meanwhile dropped to 104,000. By summer, which was characterized by strong holiday demand, Lufthansa had already turned around. At the end of September, the group had 108,000 employees again – and according to the announcement on Monday, there should be thousands more.

But the search for applicants has become more difficult, but Lufthansa still wants to find enough interested parties with radio spots and advertisements on social media portals – in addition to flight attendants and pilots, technicians in aircraft maintenance, IT specialists and lawyers are also being sought. There are vacancies in 45 professions, said the group. But “above all people in product-related and service-oriented areas” would be needed. You need reinforcements, “we still have a lot to do,” Niggemann was quoted as saying.

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