Lübcke-Tweet of the SPD is a clumsy concoction

Lübcke-Tweet of the SPD is a clumsy concoction

What would have happened if the Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution had not blocked the personal file of right-wing extremist Stephan Ernst in 2015? Would the authority then have recognized in good time that the man was planning to shoot the Kassel district president in June 2019? It is a bold speculation and a question of hypothetical nature. Nevertheless, the SPD parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament gave an answer in a tweet. “Murder of Dr. Walter Lübcke” is the headline. Below it is written: “More than fifteen years of domestic political failure”. The Union politicians will do this Volker Bouffier, Boris Rhein, Peter Beuth and Stefan Heck pictured. In this way, a concrete, causal connection is constructed between the crime and four personalities that have one thing in common: they are or were at the head of the Ministry of the Interior.

The clumsy concoction has since been withdrawn. But the SPD has revealed the level at which she intends to conduct the state election campaign. Hope she reconsiders.

SPD logs out of serious debate

Committees of inquiry are seen as the sharpest sword of the opposition. They are used to get the government into trouble. An instrumentalization for party-political purposes is therefore programmed, so to speak. Both the Lübcke Committee and the parliamentary investigation into the attack in Hanau have a specific role in the script for the SPD’s state election campaign. They serve as background music for the entry of the Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, into the arena of the state election campaign.

But the Social Democrats don’t just exploit the committee of inquiry. They have already pilloried the four Union politicians before they are questioned by the panel. They are obviously not in the least interested in the discussion of the content. The SPD is flouting the committee’s rules by ignoring the fundamental right of political opponents to defend themselves. In this way it has devalued a traditional instrument of parliamentarism.

Incidentally, the Social Democrats made a strategic mistake. You have withdrawn from the serious debate about the results of the two committees of inquiry.

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