“Love doesn’t need a vacation”: But no sequel planned

“Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”
But no sequel planned

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law aren't going for it "Love doesn't need a vacation 2" back in front of the cameras.

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law aren’t returning in front of the cameras for Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation 2 after all.

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“Love doesn’t need a holiday” doesn’t get a sequel. Corresponding rumors were denied by Kate Winslet, among others.

Only yesterday, Tuesday, did rumors circulate that the popular Christmas film classic “Love doesn’t need a holiday” starring Cameron Diaz (50) and Jude Law (49) is to be continued after more than 16 years. However, two prominent participants in the film at the time have now denied this report. So shared director and screenwriter Nancy Meyers (72) posted a screenshot of the relevant report on Instagram and wrote about it: “Sorry, but not true”.

Kate Winslet: ‘Never talked about it’

Leading actress Kate Winslet (47), who swaps houses with the character played by Cameron Diaz in “Love doesn’t need a holiday” and finally finds love, denied the rumor to “People”. Winslet, who will be starring in the upcoming sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, said, “I’ve read about it, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.” The actress asserts that she has not had any talks about a sequel to the classic love film: “Hand on heart, it was never talked about”.

“The Sun” quoted an unnamed insider yesterday, according to which the shooting of “Love doesn’t need a holiday 2” should start in the coming year. The four main actors Winslet, Diaz, Law and Jack Black (53) should already be “under contract” for the sequel. “Love doesn’t need a holiday” is considered one of the most successful romantic Christmas films. The love film, which was produced for 85 million US dollars, grossed over 200 million dollars at the box office – and is part of the annual Christmas program for many people.


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