Lothar Matthäus becomes a trainer at E-Jugend in Grünwald - Sport

In recent years, the medium of television has often enough been predicted to drift into irrelevance, which has led to a defiant reaction from broadcasters such as "Sky", as well as everything that is reported as exclusive to brand. It can therefore be considered a great success for television stations worldwide that the broadcaster not only exclusively broadcast the goals in the broadcast of the so-called top game (sic!) Schalke (17th!) vs Bochum (18th!), but also the message was able to spread exclusively, which put connoisseurs in feverish anticipation: Lothar Matthäus will return to the coaching bench!

Interested readers will remember that Matthäus, 61, before his career as - what a coincidence - Sky top game expert, actually wanted to be a very successful football coach. After stints with the Bulgarian and Hungarian national teams, as well as with Maccabi Netanya, Partizan Belgrade and Rapid Vienna, Matthäus turned to the microphone professionally. (However, rumored engagements in the field of lawn care by FC Bayern did not come about).

So now the return: "They didn't have a coach because their coach quit," were the poetic words with which Matthäus announced the details of his new club. He is ready to take on the "great responsibility (...)" in the E-Youth of TSV Grünwald, where, in addition to improving tactical details, Matthäus also has to do basic work.

"Tying your shoes is always the key," said the German record national player, who now, however, makes the families responsible: "I told the mothers to teach their children to tie shoes." A switch to Velcro fasteners according to highly exclusive SZ information is currently being discussed within the association. Matthäus, known from Haifa to Hütteldorf as a tough trainer, doesn't want to get involved: "I could do it when I was five or six."

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