Loo, cage, chainsaw

Loo, cage, chainsaw

Image: www.informatikzentrale.de/play_rps/index_de.php

There is almost nothing that does not exist in the network of networks: ingenious, interesting, useful and wonderfully superfluous. This time: More than rock, paper, scissors.

MAs children, a sister and I liked to while away the time on boring car rides in the back of our parents’ vehicle with hour-long “bells and whistles” battles. The game, also known as “rock-paper-scissors”, does not require any tools and is always exciting despite the simplest rules.

Of course, there are also online versions of this game. I would like to present two to you at this point: Unter https://www.informatikzentrale.de/play_rps/index_de.php you can play against a computer – in different ways. You can select a total of twelve strategy variants for your opponent, i.e. the computer. This includes static strategies that are quite easy to see through, but also a random strategy and strategies in which the computer adapts to your playing style or learns from your behavior.

If you get bored of that, you can go to https://rps101.pythonanywhere.com/ Try out a highly complex and very confusing game variant. There are not only three “tools” like scissors, rock and paper, but believe it or not 98 more, for example toilet, cage, chainsaw or alien. Fortunately, you can also play this extended variant against the computer – with a human opponent you would first have to memorize the hand and finger gestures for 101 game elements. Enjoy yourself!

Now our question: If you use the diamond in the latter variant of the game, which two other game elements would the diamond resist and result in a tie? Please send your solution proposal to [email protected].

The closing date for entries is April 5, 2023, 9 p.m. We are giving away an eBook voucher worth 25 euros. The winner will be notified in writing. The solution to last week’s riddle was “Paris line”.

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