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Malaika Mihambo won World Championship gold in the long jump for the second time in her career. At the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, the Olympic champion jumped 7.12 meters and won the title like in 2019 in Doha. Ese Brume of Nigeria secured silver with 7.02 meters. Bronze went to the Brazilian Leticia Oro Melo, whose first and only valid jump of 6.89 meters was enough.

“It was only 7.12 meters today, but I’m still very happy that I was able to defend my title,” said Mihambo on the stadium microphone. After two failed attempts, the 28-year-old had to worry about being among the top eight jumpers in the final and being able to complete the other three jumps. After 6.98 meters in the third attempt, Mihambo was able to breathe a sigh of relief and meanwhile moved up to second place.

In the fourth jump she managed a jump of 7.09 meters, with which she took the lead. The last attempt then brought the victory distance – like a year ago in Tokyo at the games. This time, however, she had already secured the title before the jump. The 7.12 meters was one centimeter less than the world record for the year by Australian Brooke Buschkuehl.

“The inrun is much more stable”

After EM gold in 2018, World Cup gold in 2019 and Olympic victory in Tokyo in 2021, Mihambo has now won the fourth major title of her career. As a two-time world champion, the 28-year-old draws level with her role model Heike Drechsler, who won gold in 1983 and 1993. Merle Homeier, the second German starter, missed the final with her 6.09 meters in qualifying.

To Bronze for the women’s 4x100m relay Mihambo’s title is only the second podium finish for the German Athletics Association at the first World Championships in the USA. But she didn’t feel any additional pressure because of that: “I don’t worry about it, I just try to stay positive, do a good competition and focus on myself and on what I want to do right,” said the native of Heidelberg said before the final.

World Championships in Athletics: Unlike last year, the run-up is right again, says Mihambo.  And the distance is enough for the world title.

Unlike last year, the start is right again, says Mihambo. And the distance is enough for the world title.


Mihambo had only jumped over seven meters once this season. Right at the start you get 7.09 meters in Birmingham. On the way to the World Championships and European Championships, the athlete from the LG Kurpfalz became champion for the sixth time at the German championships in Berlin at the end of June and had successfully started the title triple project, but she was at the seven-meter mark with her best sentence at 6.85 meters has not yet come close again.

In contrast to the Olympic year, Mihambo’s run-up fits again this season. “The inrun is much more stable. I feel safer, I’m faster, my sprint technique is better again,” she said before the World Cup. “So it definitely looks better than last year.” The speeds are similar to 2019 – and back then she became world champion in Doha with a strong 7.30 meters.

Kaul is sixth in the decathlon

It was clear early on that it would not be enough for decathlete Niklas Kaul to win the world championship again after 2019. But the 24-year-old from Mainz fought, rolled up from 16th place after the first day and finished sixth with a good 8434 points. “It’s still my third best decathlon I’ve ever done, so – even if it doesn’t feel like it right now – I can walk out of here with a little smile,” said Kaul, who dropped a few points. World record holder Kevin Mayer from France secured gold with 8816 points ahead of Canadian Pierce Lepage (8701) and Zach Ziemek from the USA (8676).

Two world records – one in the pole vault…

Armand Duplantis is only 22 years old, and yet alongside Sergej Bubka he is the greatest pole vaulter in history. “Mondo’s” show on Sunday evening would have been worth the entrance fee alone: ​​6.21 meters in the second attempt, a world record. World Cup gold was the last title that the Swede was still missing. Bubka has six of them. “I was a little tired,” said Duplantis. The competition doesn’t want to imagine how an awake Duplantis jumps either. But the two Germans were also strong: Oleg Zernikel in fifth place and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre in seventh place, both with 5.87, were happily involved in the medal fight.

… one over 100 meters hurdles

On Friday, the American Sydney McLaughlin smashed the world record in the 400 m hurdles by 73 hundredths to 50.68 seconds. And on the last day of the competition, Nigerian Tobi Amusan ran the 100m hurdles in the semifinals in 12.12 seconds – eight hundredths faster than the previous world record, 28 hundredths faster than her previous best from the heats. And a lot faster than not being able to face it without a certain skepticism. In the final, the new world champion Amusan even sprinted 12.06 seconds – only the strong tailwind prevented a new world record.

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