London: Even under Prime Minister Sunak, things are looking bad for the Tories – politics

In the first by-election under the new prime minister, the Tories did their worst in more than 100 years. The situation for the conservatives is quite dramatic, a majority in the country considers the party to be incompetent.


Michael Neudecker,London

Sitting in the front row of the government benches in the old and sometimes venerable House of Commons, Kemi Badenoch swipes on her iPad in what looks like someone’s smuggled a modern device into a period film. Trade Minister Kemi Badenoch is one of the younger politicians on the Tories’ frontbench. It’s Wednesday of this week, the Prime Minister’s Questions will start in a few minutes, and the chamber is slowly filling up. Then Rishi Sunak enters the hall. On the back bench, the Tories are cheering, as loudly as if Sunak had just scored a goal. Kemi Badenoch slides to the side because Sunak likes to sit next to her on Wednesday lunchtime.

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