London after the death of Elizabeth II: a sea of ​​flowers for the Queen

Dhe square in front of Buckingham Palace in London fills more and more with bouquets that become a carpet, a whole sea of ​​flowers for the late Queen. Many thousands come around on Friday morning Elizabeth II to commemorate. Britain is in shock.

On Thursday evening, when the news of the 96-year-old monarch's death struck like lightning and then spread like wildfire, thousands were drawn to the palace in their hearts Londons streamed. Individuals wept as the flag over the palace was lowered to half-mast just after 6:30 p.m. local time. Then more and more came. They stood there in the rain, some huddled under umbrellas, others getting soaked.

"God save the Queen", the national anthem, was heard again and again. A few men could also be heard shouting incomprehensible slogans. Dozens of people climbed the large Victoria Monument in front of the palace, waving Union Jack flags. Someone had also hung a Ukrainian flag in front of the palace. Colorful bouquets, quickly bought in supermarkets, clung to the gilded trellis that surrounds the palace.

The further process is meticulously defined

By Friday morning, countless numbers had joined them. It is the first national day of mourning, the country pauses. One commemorates a monarch who stood like a rock in the surf for a good 70 years and gave the country stability and continuity in times of rapid change.

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