Lola Weippert: presenter ended up in the hospital on vacation

Lola Weippert
The presenter ended up in the hospital while on vacation

Lola Weippert is pursued by a streak of bad luck while on vacation.

Lola Weippert is pursued by a streak of bad luck while on vacation.

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Presenter Lola Weippert is currently on vacation in South Africa. There she ended up in the hospital because of “extreme pain”.

RTL presenter Lola Weippert (25) is currently experiencing a real run of bad luck on vacation. “I really take everything with me here, I don’t leave anything out,” says the 25-year-old in her Instagram story. Weippert has been in South Africa for several weeks. Now she reveals that she has been in “extreme pain” since Thursday night (February 3). Her first thought: a broken rib. But something else is to blame: “I have blood in my kidneys,” explains the moderator.

She finally couldn’t stand the pain anymore and went to the hospital. “They put me on a drip first,” the 25-year-old continues. In the clinic it turned out “that I caught a really nice infection”. Weippert suffer from chills, stomach cramps, heat attacks, nausea and headaches. In addition, she lost three kilos in three days alone. The presenter now has to swallow a few tablets, including antibiotics. “I don’t like taking antibiotics, but that’s the only solution at the moment so I can still enjoy the last 1.5 weeks,” says Weippert.

More setbacks on vacation

It’s not the only setback of her vacation. “We were driven into the car, my cell phone was stolen, our villa fraud, now the infection with a visit to the hospital,” the 25-year-old summarizes her stay so far. Nevertheless, she remains positive: “I couldn’t be happier right now,” wrote the 25-year-old just a few days ago in a post on Instagram.


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