Lindsay Lohan: Star lands deal for several Netflix films

Lindsay Lohan
Star lands deal on multiple Netflix movies

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is back on Netflix.

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is back on Netflix.

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Lindsay Lohan is fighting her way back into the spotlight. Now she has apparently been able to bag a far-reaching and lucrative deal with Netflix.

Various escapades brought the career of former child star Lindsay Lohan (35) to a standstill years ago. In the meantime, however, the 35-year-old is increasingly writing positive news again, thanks above all to Netflix. As reported by the US industry website “The Hollywood Reporter”.Lohan and the streaming service are expanding their collaboration to include two more films.

About a year ago, it was announced that Lohan would be starring in the Netflix Christmas movie Falling for Christmas. According to “The Hollywood Reporter”, the romantic comedy is now in the can and planned for next winter, Lohan’s But collaboration with the platform is far from over.

Nothing has yet leaked out about the content of the two additionally announced strips with Lohan. In the person of Christina Rogers, head of independent films Netflixbut they are already looking forward to the future together: “So far we are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Lindsay and excited about continuing our partnership with her.”

The rocky way back

Lohan landed her last major role in 2013’s critically acclaimed erotic thriller The Canyons and has since largely retired from acting. Before that, she had repeatedly clashed with the law due to drug and alcohol problems. She even had to wear an electronic ankle bracelet at times, and was only released on probation for much of her 20s.

For several years, however, things have been steadily improving for Lohan. In 2020 she released a new song, “Back to Me”. In addition to her Netflix commitment, she has had her own podcast since 2021. And she announced her engagement to boyfriend Bader Shammas last year. Wedding bells are set to ring later this year – just in time for her return to Hollywoodas it appears.


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