Lindsay Lohan: Is ‘Freaky Friday’ Getting a Sequel?

Lindsay Lohan: Is 'Freaky Friday' Getting a Sequel?

Lindsay Lohan
Is Freaky Friday getting a sequel?

Lindsay Lohan is back in the big spotlight.

Lindsay Lohan is back in the big spotlight.

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Will there be a sequel to Freaky Friday? US actress Lindsay Lohan is apparently not averse.

US actress Lindsay Lohan (36) would be interested in a sequel to the comedy “Freaky Friday” (2003). That reports “TMZ” citing sources close to her. So she would be open to a sequel, but haven’t heard from Disney yet.

Her co-star from back then, Jamie Lee Curtis (63), had previously signaled readiness for such a sequel. According to Curtis’ idea, Lohan would be the mother this time, swapping bodies with her as the grandmother.

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The 2003 original is about psychotherapist Tess Coleman (Curtis) who constantly clashes with her 15-year-old daughter Anna (Lohan). Tess is planning to marry her fiancé Ryan over the weekend. But during a visit to the Chinese restaurant, when Tess and Anna are having a real argument, an old woman gives them magical fortune cookies. At midnight, the two of them wake up in each other’s bodies and see the world from a completely new perspective.

Gradually they learn to understand each other’s problems and for the first time really work on solving their conflicts. And they learn that selflessness is needed to reverse the magic.

Lindsay Lohan back in the spotlight

For Lohan, it would be the third major production after her comeback on Netflix: As a spoiled heiress, she will appear in the Christmas film “Falling For Christmas” from November 10, and the romantic comedy “Irish Wish” with her in the leading role is expected to be released in 2023. Previously, apart from a few appearances, the 36-year-old had become rather quiet.

Personally, things have also been going well for Lohan this year: In July, she confirmed her marriage to financier Bader Shammas after announcing their engagement in November 2021.


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