Lindner wants to strengthen the competitive position of insurers

Christian Lindner

Lindner believes that it is in the interests of the common good when insurers are profitable and based in Germany.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner wants to further improve the competitive position of German insurers. peer The goal of regulation must be financial stability and consumer protectionto strengthen competitiveness, said the FDPboss on Thursday at the insurance day in Berlin.

There is still a lot to do here Germany, said Lindner. “Not every insurance is one alliance.” Smaller companies would have to meet different standards than large corporations. “We need a certain degree of proportionality when it comes to regulation.” It is in the interests of the common good if insurers are profitable and have their headquarters in Germany.

Linder assumes that in 2022 the legislative process for the new capital-covered portion of the statutory pension insurance (stock pension) will be pushed. Also the operational retirement provision should be made more efficient. A provision obligation for the self-employed is also planned.

In addition, the Riester and Rürup pensions should be reformed. However, the minister did not give any details. The political process is just beginning here. Lindner appealed to insurers to finance the transformation of the economy and thus strengthen new business models, technologies and developments. The insurance industry should invest in the federal government's future fund, for example.

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Lindner also reprimanded the banks. “The competitive position and the global market shares of the German banks still give reason for further improvement. The “real asset in the German financial center”, on the other hand, is the insurance companies. "They are visible and able to act on a global scale."

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