Lindner wants the gas price brake and compliance with the debt brake

Finance Minister Christian Lindner

Lindner said: “We want to help people in the crisis, but we don’t want to open the floodgates.”

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin Of the FDP-Head and Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner insists on compliance with the debt brake when the federal government takes measures to counter the galloping energy prices.

There are already consultations within the federal government, said Lindner on Monday in Berlin, where his party’s committees met. He has “a very precise idea” of the financial policy instruments, but wants to discuss them within the federal government.

The goal is a debt brake for the federal budget and a gas price brake. In other words, there must not be a general dam rupture,” said Lindner, who also warned of further inflation.

“I can say it quite frankly: if the debt brake were lifted, not only would everything that we need for the crisis be financed, but then general political wishes and projects would also come into play. And that would be the financial dam breach.”

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That’s why he and they stopped FDP stuck on the debt brake. Lindner said: “We want to help people in the crisis, but we don’t want to open the floodgates.”

He demanded that, in view of the threatening economic damage, all possibilities had to be used – “from expanding capacities such as nuclear energy, from storing gas that we have, the European measures that are being discussed, for example joint gas purchasing by the European Union and targeted measures of the German state”.

Lindner also called for price signals to be set. If it becomes clear to the market that gas is flowing back into the market from storage facilities filled with public money, this will already have an impact on pricing.

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