Lindner defends draft budget before budget week begins

Lindner defends draft budget before budget week begins

Christian Lindner

The Federal Minister of Finance considers the budget to be solid.

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Berlin Before the final Bundestag debates on the budget, Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) defended his plans. In view of the situation, the budget is solid, said Lindner on Tuesday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. “I don’t see any political alternatives either, so that someone says, for example: We don’t want to relieve the citizens now, we don’t want electricity and gas price brakes. I don’t hear that in the political landscape.”

The criticism of the special fund for investments in the armed forces and he takes energy price brakes seriously. In consideration, however, he decided to go this route. In explanation, the minister said: “On the one hand we have the federal budget, where the regular political projects are shown, which also have nothing to do with the crisis.” On the other hand, there are earmarked and limited expenditure for example to cope with price peaks.

“It allows me to map out a path towards normalizing our public finances. And I’m responsible for the fact that there’s also criticism for that,” said Lindner. the Demand for higher taxes for higher earners the minister rejected as “dangerous” in times of “great economic uncertainty”.

In the Bundestag, the budget week begins on Tuesday. Before the vote is taken on Friday, the MPs will debate the budgets of the individual departments for three days. On Wednesday, the traditional general debate will take place during the deliberations on the budget of the Chancellery.

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The first federal budget, for which Lindner is completely responsible, envisages spending of around 476 billion euros for 2023. The opposition Union considers the plans to be dishonest because of the special funds outside the normal budget.

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