Lindner calls for salary caps for public broadcasters

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner speaks in the Dresden Chamber of Crafts.
Image: dpa

According to Finance Minister Christian Lindner, an intendant shouldn't earn more than the chancellor. In addition, the administration of public law must be leaner, according to the FDP boss.

Bfederal finance minister Christian Lindner calls for a salary cap for top staff in public service broadcasting. "I'm against any envy debate, but no director should earn more than the Chancellor. A self-commitment is necessary here in order to be economical with the fee payers' money," said the FDP leader, according to a previously published report by "Bild am Sonntag".

In it, Lindner also advocates a reform of the number of employees in management and in the management floors. "Overall, the executive floors and administrations should be leaner in order to pay the editors who create the content appropriately," says Lindner.

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