“Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”: There will be new episodes in February

“Life Made Easy – The Biggest Loser”
There are new episodes in February

"Life made easy - The Biggest Loser" (left to right): Ramin Abtin, Dr.  Christine Theiss and Sigrid Illumaa take each other again

“Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” (from left to right): Ramin Abtin, Dr. Christine Theiss and Sigrid Illumaa take on the candidates again.

© SAT.1/Julia Feldhagen

The Sat.1 show “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” is entering the next round. The new episodes start on February 5th.

The popular weight loss show “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” starts on February 5, 2023 with a new season. As the broadcaster Sat.1 announced on Wednesday, 20 candidates who want to completely change their lives within the 14 episodes are starting again.

dr Christine Theiss is back

As the camp manager, Dr. Christine Theiss (42) in action, together with the coaches Sigrid Ilumaa and Ramin Abtin (50) she wants to help the participants with their new start. At 227.1 kilograms, candidate Thorsten (42) is the heaviest in the season. How the candidates will do is always on Sundays at 5:30 p.m Sat 1 and can be seen at Joyn. The opening episode on February 5 starts at 4:30 p.m. It is not known whether prominent guest coaches will again pass on their experiences to the participants.

“The Biggest Loser” is an adaptation of the US show of the same name. The German version was first broadcast in 2009 with ex-figure skater Katarina Witt (57) as a presenter on ProSieben. Then the format changed to Kabel Eins, the moderation was taken over by the former boxer Regina Halmich (46). Since season four, Sat.1 has been the TV home of the show and ex-kickboxer Theiss their face. In 2022 the show was renamed “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”.


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