“Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”: All the facts about the new season

“Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”: All the facts about the new season

“Life Made Easy – The Biggest Loser”
All the facts about the new season

Sigrid Ilumaa, Christine Theiss and Ramin Abtin help in "Life made easy - The Biggest Loser" while losing weight.

Sigrid Ilumaa, Christine Theiss and Ramin Abtin help to lose weight in “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”.

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On February 5, “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” starts a new season. This is what viewers need to know about the new episodes.

Achieving your dream weight with a lot of sport and a healthy diet: “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” starts a new season. When can the show be seen, which coaches take care of the candidates of the weight loss show and who is participating?

The broadcast dates

“Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” starts on February 5, 2023 at 4:30 p.m Sat 1. From February 12, the show will be broadcast every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on Sat.1 or on Joyn. 14 episodes have been announced, so the last episode would be broadcast on May 7th at 4:30 p.m.

The coaches and candidates

The coaches are there alongside the camp boss Christine Theiss (42) again Ramin Abtin (50) and Sigrid Ilumaa. The latter has been part of the show for eight years. At first she worked in the background with the participants, from 2022 she appeared in front of the camera as a coach – with success. Her candidate Patrick from Team Pink won the weight loss show. This time, too, she wants to finish at the top with Team Orange. “She is a very warm woman who is good at approaching people and accepts them without prejudice,” explained Christine Theiss in an interview with spot on news in 2022. “In addition to her cheerful and motivating nature, she also has good specialist knowledge and a lot of experience in dealing with overweight people.”

Ramin Abtin is a real veteran of the show. The former kickboxing world champion and sports educator has been a coach at the camp since 2013. He has already been able to do it six times according to Sat.1 win with his team. Also this year he competes for victory with his team Lila. The trainers will meet 20 motivated candidates.

Among other things, Torsten wants to lose weight, with 227.1 kilos he is the heaviest candidate of “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” 2023. “My body is bad for me. My health. My mind,” the 42-year-old knows. Vivienne (22) is also hoping to move into the camp at 142.6 kilos. “I only function in everyday life. I’m no longer alive. And I need help here. I can’t do it alone anymore,” says the candidate.

the camps

First, 30 candidates will travel to the Greek island of Naxos to qualify for admission to the weight loss camp. 20 participants master this first hurdle and then find out: There will be two camps. Stylish accommodation, a well-equipped gym and even a pool await you in the luxury camp. In the basic camp there are only mattresses, outdoor showers and truck tires as training equipment. “With the two camps, we provide an extra portion of motivation,” explains camp manager Dr. Christine Theiss. “Because every week it is decided which team has to move into the basic camp and who can move into the luxury camp. And that depends entirely on the performance of the candidates.”

The Story of “The Biggest Loser”

“The Biggest Loser” is an adaptation of the US show of the same name. The German version was first broadcast in 2009 with ex-figure skater Katarina Witt (57) as a presenter on ProSieben. Then the format changed to Kabel Eins, the moderation was taken over by the former boxer Regina Halmich (46). Since season four, Sat.1 has been the TV home of the show and ex-kickboxer Theiss is its face. In 2022 the show was renamed “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser”.


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