“Let’s Dance”: That’s what Sharon Battiste says about fan criticism

“Let’s Dance”: That’s what Sharon Battiste says about fan criticism

“Let’s Dance”
“You can’t force sympathy”: Sharon Battiste gets full points and is still criticized

"let's dance" Sharon Battiste

“Let’s Dance”: Valentin Lusin and Sharon Battiste got full points for their rumba

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For Sharon Battiste, “Let’s Dance” was a success on Friday night. The former “Bachelorette” was happy about 30 points and takes a stand on her critics.

Sharon Battiste achieved 30 points with her substitute partner Valentin Lusin (actually she dances with professional Christian Polanc) on Friday evening. More is not possible with “let’s dance“. The former RTL “Bachelorette” was all the more pleased after her dance. Together with Lusin, she celebrated the success in an Instagram video. But as in the past few weeks, the criticism of the actress does not ebb.

“Let’s Dance”: Sharon Battiste gets full points

“No matter how well she dances, you can’t force sympathy, she’s cold and hard in her movements, no matter how the jury freaks out,” commented a “Let’s Dance” fan under an official video of the show. Has had to for a few weeks battista listen to this criticism online. The chemistry between her and professional dancer Christian Polanc is simply not right, Battiste is just playing the sympathies – according to some of the critics. Battiste and Polanc repeatedly used social media to nip the rumors in the bud, posing as a team with the hashtag “Team Shapo”.

Battiste thinks about why it’s not so well received. “Maybe because I’m just a bit more reserved when I was on Bachelorette. There are a lot of people here and a lot of them are also very extroverted, which is great. I’m actually like that too, but then I hold back and don’t have always have a saying in store,” she told the Watson news magazine after her 30-point win. “I think it quickly seems cool and maybe a bit distant. I’m just doing my thing here and that can of course be misunderstood very quickly,” says the actress.

Anna Ermakova is one of the favourites

The “Let’s Dance” fans seem to agree, especially with Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova. She is considered a favorite on the show and stands out with her reserved and friendly nature. No trace of celebrity daughter affections. On Instagram Ermakova, who was born in England, said before the season began that she “always dreamed of it [habe]”To take part in “Let’s Dance”. But she was also nervous “to appear in front of an audience and screw up my German”. The status now shows: For Anna Ermakova, the dance show could be the chance to step out of her father’s shadow and herself to make a name for yourself.

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